Taking the fight to Islamic State


While President Obama admits he has no solution to address the rise of the Islamic State, former American, Australian, British and Canadian soldiers are taking things into their own hands.

Breitbart reported last week that these men are motivated to help Christians and other minority groups, and defend the innocent against the spread of terrorism. They have traveled to Iraq and Syria to take the fight to ISIS, where they assist people under siege, on the front line with guidance, training and combat.

One of these men is Sean Rowe, a U.S. Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq. Alluding to President Obama’s foreign policy, he said:

“The need, the void of leadership should be obvious, should be astounding.”

“They need help over there. People are being slaughtered over there, and the international community seems to be doing nothing.”

A non-profit organization named Veterans Against ISIS has been established, and describes itself as being composed of “top qualified American veterans” volunteering their time and skills to defend the Christian and indigenous people of Iraq and Syria. A GoFundMe page has been established by Sean Rowe, in order to raise funds for the group.

To hear some of the stories of these men who are volunteering themselves in the fight against ISIS, check out the videos below.


To these courageous men, all I have to say is; fight the good fight, keep keep the faith, run the race!