Food for thought – Fly in producers, fly out Greens


The Honourable Bob Katter, Member for Kennedy, today challenged the Minister for Trade and investment, Andrew Robb, over the government’s continued support of fly-in and fly-out (FIFO) workers. Bob went on to highlight the disruption and sabotage of mining projects in Central Queensland.

Andrew Robb outlined that both sides of politics, Liberal and Labor, support FIFO workers coming into Australia (highlighting Australia’s international business contracts and commitments).

Andrew Robb went on to highlight that Bob Katter’s office should seek to hold militant Green activists to account for the disruption and sabotage of mining projects in the Galilee Basin. Green groups have been abusing our legal system by bringing forth vexatious litigation against mining companies. Andrew Robb highlighted that Ardani has invested over $1billion at their Carmichael mine.

Frankly with the prospect of $20 billion plus dollars in revenue being jeopardised, I’d be inclined to fly Greens out of Australia.

Food for thought.