Food for thought: Unite the people, by ignoring their opinion?


Yesterday Penny Wong accused “some” supporting the traditional definition of marriage of being out “to vilify the couples, the children of same-sex couples, same-sex couple families and gay and lesbian people throughout the country.”

Oh look it’s a chinese man eating an invisble hamburger!….. Oh nope, It’s just Penny Wong so inept at making a logical argument that she’s resorting to hand signals.

Senator Wong went on to say “We’ve already seen some of the hateful language that some people are prepared to use in this debate”.

Senator Wong went on to suggest that “There is a serious risk that a plebiscite or a referendum in this country would be a green light to hate speech.”

I assume Senator Wong is referring to her supporters calling traditional marriage advocates “bigots”, “homophobes”, “inbred hicks”, “fascists”, “bible thumping scumbags” and so on?

Food for thought