Food for thought – Making America great again

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Donald Trump’s drive to build an iconic business empire is identified by many as the essence of the American dream. Through unrepentant self-promotion and a mesmerising ability to capture the common sensibility (very efficiently I might add) Trump trumps his competition time and time again.

Even if he doesn’t secure the Republican nomination he has strong potential as a third party candidate in the way George Corley Wallace was for the Democrats. Where Wallace would have ‘Dixie’ blaring in the background as he approached the stage, Trump is more likely to strut to the podium with Roy Jones Junior rapping “go hard or go home”.

Trump’s head-kicker populism can be understood through the prism of his vision for America.

From what I’ve ascertained the Trump doctrine supports localized control of schooling, a free market energy policy, traditional marriage, the second amendment and bombing the Iraqi oil fields as a way of severing the financing to ISIS. He appears to oppose vaccinations, abortion, illegal immigrants and command economics.

Though we know Trump is primarily all about Trump his blow dried Reagan like appearance coupled with the tough talking presence of Jimmy Hoffa makes for the perfect political drama that enough Americans may inevitably vote for come election time.

Food for thought.