Let’s get something out of the way at the start of this piece. The holocaust happened. So did the Holodomor, the massacre of up to 10 million Ukrainians by Jewish Bolshevik commissars. And the Great Leap Forward, the gulag archipelago, the Cambodian killing fields and the North Korean prison camps. The twentieth century was filled with massacres, purges and genocides.

That’s why I write. My greatest fear is that, not having understood what made such brutality break out across the world, we’ll repeat it.

The far left have convinced themselves that all of these horrors were caused by authoritarian maleness, toxic whiteness and ‘problematic’ straightness. The problem was bigotry. They have relieved the trauma of the last century by telling themselves that it can never happen again once whites are eradicated, men are entirely cucked and every second toddler is going through a gender transition. It’s the only way to prevent another holocaust.

Not only are they wrong of course, they’re crazy. If they’re wrong though, this leads to a troubling question: What then did cause the horrors of the twentieth century?

My answer is the secular religions of modernity, particularly the various utopian Marxist ideologies which have emerged. It’s the pursuit of heaven on earth that causes hell to open its gaping, blood-soaked maw. That’s why I hate cultural Marxism so much. It’s deadly.

This brings us back to the genocides and massacres of modernity. Why has only one of them achieved the cult status which the Jewish one has? It’s not rational.

And why is the ideological belief system which infected the minds of those who pulled the triggers and dashed the infants’ brains out taught to school children in Australia every day? Why is it that promoting Nazism will land you in jail and promoting Marxism will get you a top government job, when the death toll of the latter dwarfs the former?

These aren’t esoteric questions. They go to the heart of the upcoming ideological struggle which is going to tear at the very seams of this nation. You can’t preach neo-Marxism to two generations of Australian kids without it leading to a toxic revolutionary fervour somehow, either as a revolution or a counter-revolution.

hamburg riots photo
Pro-globalist rioters burning down Hamburg during the pro-globalist G20 meeting. Coming soon here. Photo by left report

The trauma of the twentieth century isn’t over, and it seems one final ideological Gotterdammerung will be upon us soon. The waves of Marxist revolution and counter-revolution which first broke to the surface in Russia a century ago have one last upheaval in them, it seems.

The holocaust cult is what gives the smear term ‘anti-Semite’ its potency. Why don’t we have a unique word for hatred of any other racial group? ‘Anti-Semite’ is part of a panoply of conspiracy theories deployed by the far left such as ‘racism’, ‘sexism’ and ‘Islamophobia’. These are made-up words used by the far left to shut down free thought. They are a method of totalitarian social control used by neo-Marxists who care nothing for the oppressed. They, like all Marxists over the last century, care only for power.

The smear term ‘anti-Semitism’ has also far outlived whatever utility it may have had. How can an Australian be accused of it anyway? We fought the Nazis, for Christ’s sake. And why does only one group get a special term to use when people criticise them?

It’s time to retire the term ‘anti-Semite’. It’s lost whatever meaning it might have had. How about we replace it with leukophobia instead?

The reason I, like so many others on the emerging nationalist right, take on myths such as ‘anti-Semitism’ so hard is because these narratives are at the heart of the cultural Marxist cult. It’s a core falsehood their belief system rests on. This is why it must be challenged. It’s got nothing to do with hating Jews and everything to do with hating Marxism.

The far left created the fake hashtag #NotAllMuslims in response to jihadis spontaneously combusting in public places. It was designed to make the point that not all Muslims are anti-Western, violent extremists who desire a global caliphate. It’s true, of course. Many Muslims are perfectly lovely and highly civilised. It’s also irrelevant.

The problem we face with Islam is that our allies in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have been funding the expansion of a radically fundamentalist form of Islam for decades. This Salafist interpretation of Sunni Islam has now spread its ideological tentacles from the public schools of Malaysia to the mosques of London. It’s turned Eurasia into a powderkeg, and should a charismatic Mahdi ever appear to unite the umma and declare a caliphate the world may well go up in flames as a result.

They have been aided and abetted by Western deep state Machiavellians whose strategy has been to use jihadis to destabilize Russia and China. Since 9/11, these fanatical exploding pets have been deployed across the Middle East to advance the interests of Saudi Arabia and its main regional ally, Israel, against strategic rival Iran.

This fight is all coming to a head in Syria, and my money is on some sort of religious figure emerging there in the coming years. That’s what the Wahhabists believe too, by the way.

That’s why clear-thinking, honest people in the West are saying that Muslim immigration is a threat to national security, and will only increase terrorism and social unrest in the years ahead. If you still don’t believe this argument, just look at Sweden. Do we want that here?

Ironically, most Muslims hate Saudi Arabia. They see Wahhabism as a perversion of their religion. It’s a complicated issue on all sides, especially the role of Israel. Many Jews also detest Israel, including the ultra-orthodox sects who live there.

What we must begin to understand in the West, however, is that people will always advance the interests of their own ethnic, religious or cultural group. That’s just how identity works. Just because we’ve been made pathologically altruistic does not mean anyone else has.

It can be that people will seek to advance the interests of their religion, or it could be that foreigners will seek to advance their racial interests. Both of these comprise ethnicity, and either can be the basis for a self-interested, hostile minority to seek minority advantage at the expense of the national interest. This undermines social cohesion overall, and turns politics into identity politics. The end point of such a process is the Third World. That’s why the aim of any responsible government must be monoculturalism.

It’s also vital that we remember that foreigners don’t have the best interests of our nation in mind. They have their own interests in mind. Security, luxury and ease have made us dangerously foolish, and our children will pay for it.

We have been too open, too naïve and too altruistic in our dealings with self-interested minority groups in our countries. We can see this pattern across the board, from Chinese funding of political parties co-opting decision-making, to Islamic funding of refugee advocate groups and Israeli influence upon our media, culture and foreign policy.

And just as #NotAllMuslims are against us, #NotAllJews are for us.

notalljews photo
Modified from social media.

It’s no coincidence that just about every prominent neoconservative who has agitated for Western intervention in the Middle East since 9/11 has been Jewish. When you look at the map, the destruction of the region by our militaries has been a brilliant foreign policy strategy.

For Israel.

It’s also no coincidence that the leading intellectuals, artists and financiers who have pushed open-borders international socialism over the past century have been Jewish. Jews have a (probably legitimate) fear of Western hostility toward them. Our track record when it comes to getting along with Jews has been poor. This isn’t because of a conspiracy theory like ‘anti-Semitism’. It’s because of religious incompatibility, aggressive Jewish in-group preferencing and the Jewish agenda of weakening a host country’s identity to make themselves more secure. Such strategies create a backlash.

To deny that Jewish people within Western countries engage in such strategies is intellectually dishonest. Just in the last few days the grievance peddlers at the Anti-Defamation League in the US have published a list of alt-right and alt-lite figures they deem ‘anti-Semitic’. This list includes such harmless figures as Brittany Pettibone, who mainly talks about women being more traditional, and Mike Cernovich, whose main message is that the MSM is fake news.

The purpose of such hatelists isn’t to stand against prejudice. It’s to prevent the normies from listening to those people’s ideas. Why would Jewish lobby groups in the West engage in such censorious behaviour if their agenda is harmless?

This week also it was released that President Trump is considering withdrawing US funding and aid to jihadi forces within Syria. That this comes after his ‘illegal’ conversation with President Putin is revealing. Here are some of the responses:

Yep, you guessed it. All Jews. Just remember though: #NotAllJews.